We are entering into our Cross-Country season and will be participating in  two,  local meets, as well as the O.R.E.S. meet .  For the two local meets, we will be taking athletes from the 3rd-8th grade.  The 3rd-6th grade typically will run 1 mile and the 7th and 8th will run 1.5 miles.  We encourage our student athletes to participate, but we understand that not all are able to do so.  Generally, placement is based on the top 5 finished runners from each school.  If you do not want your child to attend, please notify the school immediately.


Coach Bunch

9-27-22 -Tenkiller Cross Country@ Cherokee Landing.  10:00 am, beginning with 3rd grade.

10-5-22-Stilwell Schools Cross Country-Carson Park.  9:30 am, beginning with 3rd grade

10-7-22- O.R.E.S. Cross Country Mett (7th-8th grade unless pulled up from a lower grade.)  Nor Rock Creek School.  Shawnee Oklahoma.